Paradise Farms Mural (12)

Camp Staff

Our staff members are a caring, diverse and professional team of individuals.  They are trained to teach, guide and participate with the children in all of the activities.  Our programs are designed to maintain at least a 1:6 counselor/camper ratio at all times.  As youth development professionals our staff understand  their roles as models and mentors to children.  We look for individuals who are currently teachers or interested in educational or youth development careers for our staff.  All of our staff have been screened through the National Sex Offender Registry and must submit their current FBI background check, State Felony/Misdemeanor Check, and ChildLine Check to be employed at Paradise Farm Camps.

Education Staff

Our team of instructors teach all of the environmental and teambuilding programs for each school group that comes to camp.  Each of these instructors are experts in the fields of teaching, nature education, or team dynamics.  Many are former teachers and professors, and some have extensive experience in group facilitation.  Many of the team members bring unique skills and interests, such as birding, gardening, and plant and animal identification, which adds to the rich landscape of education experiences offered at camp.  Each staff member also participates in extensive development sessions to learn how to use the wonderful space at Camp combined with their unique talents to engage each student in a meaningful education experience.

Property & Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team is led by Property Caretaker Tony Heck. He, assistant Dave Falkner, and the seasonal staff members, as well as a cadre of local hunters, volunteers, and contractors maintain over 600 acres of forested and cultivated land and over 50 buildings and facilities.  This small but dedicated crew address all of the daily maintenance needs, service projects, infrastructure, and all of the long-term capital projects.