School Programs

School programs at Paradise Farm Camps focus on the three themes of Environmental Education, Outdoor Adventure, and Teambuilding.

Environmental Education

In the Environmental Education program, guided instruction and free exploration of our 600 acres of hills, meadows, forests, and waterways allow students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them.  All of the lessons are designed to help teachers meet the standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology and Environment and Ecology.

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Outdoor Adventure

School groups can learn to use a compass and map for orienteering, climb a rock wall, paddle a canoe around our pond, or catch a fish.  Outdoor Adventures help students to build self confidence and a sense of fun and community within the class.


During a full-day or half-day Teambuilding program, students will first get to know one another in a large group, then separate into small working groups of 10-14 students.  From there, the groups  will continue through several different team challenges, including some of our 20 elements in the low-ropes course.  This program can help every class come together and improve the all too important skills of cooperation, communication, and trust.

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These three themes come together to create an Outdoor Experience, and because we believe students learn best this way, every activity is done HANDS-ON, FEET-IN, and MINDS-ENGAGED.

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