Environmental Education

“Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.”-Chief Seattle, 1855

Environmental Education, now more than ever, is supremely important to the development of students as global citizens.  Through our school programs, we help students explore natural ecosystems, with an aim to becoming better stewards of the natural wonders within their community and the world at large.School groups rotate through several different activities, chosen by their teachers prior to their Outdoor Experience.  These lessons use the natural world to teach concepts such as habitats and ecosystems, animal adaptations, and human impact and sustainability.  The lessons complement the curriculum students are learning in the classroom and address the standards developed by the State.The lessons are taught by our staff of highly skilled instructors.  All of the instructors are experts in the areas of education, ecology, environmental issues,  outdoor living skills, or teambuilding. Instructors are also well versed in behavior management, especially in such a unique situation as our “outdoor classroom.”

Full Day EE Themes

Many school groups choose to do a combination of teambuilding and environmental education, however, for the school group looking to focus solely on the learning provided by our environmental programs, we have several Full Day EE Themes.  These themes consist of four to six lessons all focused around one integrating concept.

We currently offer seven different themes for teachers to choose from.  All of the themes are designed to give the students real world hands-on experiences of concepts that can prove difficult to understand in the classroom.

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 Lesson Correlation To PA Academic Standards

What Other Groups are Saying

“Over 1,000 Marsh Creek sixth graders participated in Paradise Farm’s
educational overnight experience this year. We have planned for it to be
part of our annual program. It brought our whole community together, and I
know that our kids had the experience of a lifetime.”

Principal, Downingtown School District

“Thank you so much for a delightful day! The students had a great time! I was impressed with the organization, knowledge, and friendliness of everyone at Paradise Farms.”

Elementary School Teacher

“Our trip was organized, engaging, and fun for everyone (not only the students, but teachers)!!!  Thank you for making our trip educational and enjoyable.  My team of teachers admired how well your staff related to and worked with our students.  We truly appreciate that.”

Middle School Teacher