Teambuilding Program at a Glance
  • Start with Large Group Cooperative games.
  • Break into small groups of 10-14.
  • Begin small group activities with easy icebreakers and get-to-know-you games.
  • Progress through more challenging activities that incorporate trust.
  • Move into the low ropes course activities.
  • Continue to challenge the students with progressively harder initiatives.
  • Debrief after each activity as well as at the end of the whole program.


photo 4Our teambuilding program is one of the best services we can offer to the young people that visit us at Paradise Farm Camps.  It gives them the opportunity to face challenges and obstacles as a team, achieve personal goals, and explore many vital 21st century skills.

The teambuilding program begins with all of the students working together in one large group.  After students master the large group we break down into smaller groups of 10-14 students with each instructor.  In the small groups, students will face a series of activities, each more difficult than the last, tailored to challenge each group specifically.

As a part of the teambuilding program, every group will attempt a few of our 20 elements in the low-ropes course.  Our low-ropes programs focus on team challenge and team success, as opposed to individual success.

Essential to our teambuilding program is the debrief.  Allowing students to talk about what they did, what worked, and what didn’t, separates real team learning from just another fun day in the woods.  Through the debrief students will engage in self reflection, see other’s points of view, and begin to self regulate their behavior as part of a community.  Each instructor prompts the team to discuss these things after they complete each activity and at the conclusion of the teambuilding program.

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