The Childrens Country Week Association has a long proud history of serving children who would not normally have the opportunity to experience the many wonders that a week at summer camp provides. Experiences like, wading through a cool creek on a hot day, seeing fireflies light up the trees after a rain storm, and discovering what it means to be part of a community that supports you and needs you.Today we continue that proud legacy by partnering with organizations that have year round ties to the children. ¬†While those organizations have established relationships and mentors available when the child leaves camp, camp offers those guided experiences broadening each child’s scope of the world, and of the limitless potential they hold within themselves.In the past few years the Children’s Country Week Association has partnered with the following organizations:

Our partnerships run the spectrum from day retreats through multi-week residential camps. If you are interested in partnership opportunities at camp please contact us at 610-269-9111.

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